Sectional Overhead Shutters

A&A install and supply commercial shutters to hundreds of business around the South West

Sectional Overhead ShuttersIndustrial and commercial sectional overhead doors provide an effective environmental barrier helping to reduce energy loss whilst providing excellent traffic throughput and access.

Our dedicated team of professionals have been installing commercial shutters to hundreds of business around the South West in all manner of businesses.

We aim to be provide the right shutter for your business and as range of designs and solutions means the modern commercial shutter is safe, reliable and functional access, sectional overhead doors are also excellent for optimising space.

Our sectional overhead shutters are ideal for:-

  • Loading bays
  • Industrial units
  • Storage buildings
  • Fire and Ambulance stations
  • Warehouse units
  • Garages units
  • Logical distribution centres
  • Removal companies
  • Manufacturing units
  • High rises bays
  • Dock and port side units
  • Shopping centres

Sectional overhead industrial section doors are also available with insulated panels, a variety of track arrangements and automation. The range also offers extensive options on colours and glazing.

Sectional overhead 'slide over' doors used in external application provide safe, reliable and functional access. The flexibility of design allows for a variety of panel arrangements including glazing in-fills, thermal insulation for energy efficiency or a combination of both. Doors are designed to give smooth and quiet operation whilst being easy to operate.

The robust construction offers increased security and effective weatherproofing. Doors can be manual or electrically operated and are ideal for loading bays, industrial units, storage buildings, showrooms and fire and ambulance stations. Your range features extensive options on door panels and activation systems.

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Energy efficient insulated sectional overhead door panels

Sectional Overhead ShuttersSectional overhead doors are available with a range of insulated door panels. Constructed from a steel skin with an insulated foam injection core this panel provides typical thermal heat transference of 1.44-1.56W/m²K, dependant on width.

Glazed panel options include double glazing and insulated vision panels. Insulated doors provide excellent levels of energy efficiency. Of course these levels are greatly reduced if the door is left open for longer than required. Using smart drives and controls to automate sectional overhead doors not only ensures that they open when required, but also close when not in use, greatly reducing energy wastage.

With energy efficiency as paramount, we have developed KOAX, an energy efficient motor drive and control unit which uses 45% less energy than a traditional motor and is constructed from 72% reusable parts.

Secured opening systems, built-in security window and door shutters can be fitted externally or internally to most buildings to provide an effective physical barrier and a deterrent to potential intruders.

Manufactured in corrosion-resistant aluminium or insulated steel and coated to co-ordinate with the appearance of any building, the shutters utilise a compact roller-box design to minimise the visual impact while allowing ease of use by individual manual operation, electrically powered operation or group control from a single switch.

Reinforced guide rails and efficient integrated locking systems are among the features which have established Seceuro Shield as the UK's leading range of security shutters.

Aluminium security shutters combine strength and style, allowing the designer the opportunity to offer clients an aesthetically pleasing solution without compromising security. Steel security shutters are installed in large span commercial applications (upwards of 20 square metres) and wherever fire protection is a must.

Insulated security shutters are popular in domestic and light commercial applications, offering heat and sound insulation. High strength extruded aluminium and steel security shutters are utilised in medium to high security domestic and commercial applications.


Insulated CFC free door panels - ribbed inner and outer steel sheets internal and external finish stucco white

Dimensions, 610mm x 40mm panels with reinforced hinged fixing position.

Panels complete with end caps, seals top and bottom retainer. Wind bars provided on all doors over 6000mm wide.


Safe edge panel profile Finger safe from both sides Designed to comply with European union safety code EEN12604.

Safety Features

Cable Brake Device In the event of the cable breaking the device will activate and prevent any further descent of the door. Microswitches are available for electrical doors to isolate the motor in the event of activation.

Spring brake device

In the event of a spring breaking the device will activate to prevent the shaft from turning, stopping any further descent of the door. Microswitches are available for electric doors to isolate the motor in the event of activation.

Optional Extras

  • Vision panels
  • Wicket doors
  • Track options (standard lift, hi-lift)
  • Vertical lift, low head room
  • Bottom safety edge
  • Photobeam devices
  • C.E. marked with certification
  • Remote Control
  • Key switch
  • Radar operation / Induction Loops

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