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Commercial and Industrial Roller Security Shutters

Roller shuttersWe supply and install all types of commercial and industrial roller security shutters for internal use, windows and entrance doors, as well as supplying, installing and maintaining large industrial roller shutter designed for high usage. With over 30 years experience of installing commercial rollers shutters, our customers trust their most valued asset in our products.

Each property will have specific requirements from the size of window or door and the type of roller shutters available, therefore we recommend a no obligation site survey first before you decide the type of shutter required.

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Security Roller Shutters are ideal for use in the protection of:

  • Offices / Shops
  • Factories / Warehouses
  • Hospitals / Clinics / Doctors Surgery's
  • Nursery's
  • Health Centres
  • Colleges / Schools / Universities
  • Libraries
  • Swimming Baths / Gyms
  • Prisons

Where required, the shutter curtain can be fitted with a see through section to allow for example, vision into shop front windows at night. Our security shutters come in a range of styles, colours and range of opening mechanisms, talk to our team before you decide.

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Steel Roller Security Shutters

Our industrial roller shutters are operated using direct drive, three-phase motors, to enable constant use. Galvanised finish comes as standard with colour finishes also available.

For commercial use where the roller shutter receives limited use, a single-phase tube motor is used. Where required, the shutter curtain can be fitted with a see through section to allow for example, vision into shop front windows at night. Curtains can be perforated, punched or solid. For applications where wind loading is particularly significant, our insulated roller shutter and folding shutter products may be more suitable.

Solid Galvanised Steel

The 77mm scrolled coil roll-formed sections are fully galvanised and are the traditional security shop profile.

Interlocked for added strength the sections form an effective security barrier with no vision access to the premises being secured. Coupled with the traditional reinforced "L"" section bottom rail the solid galvanised steel shutter offers a robust security deterrent.

Perforated Galvanised Steel

Perforated Galvanised Steel offers the same benefits as Solid galvanised shutters , with the addition of visibility. Expensive window displays can be protected and still remain visible allowing window shoppers to browse even out of hours. Perforated shutters with the aid of back lighting offer an excellent balance between security and visibility.

The perforated sections are 3mm punched holes with a coverage of 10 holes per CM. The profile end sections are not perforated for added strength and security.

Punched Galvanised Steel

Fully Punched Galvanised Steel offers a high level of visibility as well as being a security deterrent. Ideal for Mall and Internal security solutions. Punching designs being Inline or Brickbond with the quantity of punched sections being a personal choice.

Punch dimensions are 100mm x 50mm with available

The profile end sections are not perforated for added strength and security.

Colour Finish options

All of the products are available fully powder coated to any Standard Ral Colour reference.

Options available:

  • Strong galvanised steel curtain
  • Optional pass doors
  • Optimal safety
  • Manual or electrical operation
  • Certified fire rated doors
  • Insulated option
  • Optional weather seals
  • Special bottom rails
  • Hoods to cover barrels available in a variety of materials
  • Special security features
  • Conform to CE regulations

Aluminium Roller Security Shutters

When visibility is as important as security our Aluminium roller shutter is the right choice.

It's strong, has a large amount of open space (up to 40%). This makes the Aluminium roller shutter the preferred choice for many town planners. And it is often used in shop fronts, retail parks, and shopping centres.

Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate glazing can be added to further increase security.


  • High level of visibility
  • Modern look and feel
  • Effective deterred

Polycarbonate Roller Security Shutters

Our polycarbonate roller shutters offer the best of both worlds; excellent visibility combined with a very high level of security.

They are built from patented, high quality composite polycarbonate links reinforced by aluminium tubes. The shutter derives its strength and flexibility from this construction.

With over 80% transparency, the polycarbonate roller shutter curtain gives excellent visibility and the transparent links are UV stabilised, so they do not discolour. The curtain is easy to clean and maintain and is chlorine and sea salt resistant.


  • Over 80% visibility through the openings.
  • Polycarbonate has a material strength greater than that of steel.
  • Design structure gives superior resistance to attack.

Roller Grilles

Commercial ShuttersOur modern looking, versatile grilles, manufactured in aluminium, steel, or stainless steel, suitable for a range of different applications.

On shop fronts they are ideally placed behind glass to form a strong barrier. Many town planning departments prefer this arrangement over a solid shutter fitted on the outside of a building. Internally-fitted is the recommended arrangement in high risk areas.

A large area of open space between the links gives a very high level of visibility, allowing goods on display to be seen.

The same sense of openness makes the roller grille popular choice on reception counters, bars and serveries. Its fine lines give it an elegant look, which blends in well with many contemporary interiors.

Standard finishes are anodised natural, polished stainless steel, and a range of powder coat paint colours.


  • Excellent visibility
  • Modern looking
  • Effective deterrent

High Security Roller Security Shutters

Our high security roller grille is a continental style roller grille that is back in demand. Its tough steel rods make it a secure barrier, whilst maintaining a great sense of openness.

The combination of high security and maximum amount of open space make this grille ideal for shop fronts (preferred by most local authorities). Ideally, the grille is placed behind glazing, where it forms a double barrier with the glass. An external fit is not recommended for high risk areas.

At bars, serveries and reception counters, the grille creates an attractive and securely locked barrier with maximum visibility.

The roller grille is available in two thickness “ standard 6mm steel or 8mm steel for higher levels of security.

A tough grille with an elegant, open look and feel to it “ ideal for bars, reception counters and shop fronts


  • Full natural light
  • Elegant and strong
  • Maximum vision

Collapsible Gate Security Shutters

High security grille - neatly collapses back when not in use.


  • Smooth operation
  • Reinforced structure
  • Attack tested

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