Industrial Shutter Automation

Electric tube motor and external motors suit both commercial and retail applications.

Fire Shutter Automation

There are three main methods of automatic operation.

Firstly, fusible links involving the use of solder wire as a connection in the activation circuit. With its relatively low melting point, the heat radiated from a nearby fire will cause it to melt and this activates the door.

Secondly, a fire relay means that the fire shutter or door is connected to the fire alarm system. When the alarm is sounded, the fire shutter activates.

Finally, there is an audio/visual warning that is used in connection with the fire shutter that is connected to the alarm system. It usually operates with a time delay in conjunction with the fire relay. During this delay an additional alarm is sounded, warning those in close proximity to the door that is about to close, thus allowing them to exit the affected area.

Building regulations require that openings in fire resisting walls or partitions must have a door with an equivalent fire rating to that of the wall or partition. Otherwise the integrity of the wall is undermined.

All electric fire shutters are available in 3 phase, 415volts, 50hz or 1 phase, 240 volts, 50hz.

The shutters are driven by a geared electric motor, which has an integral controlled descent mechanism, emergency hand chain facility and push button starter.

The shutters rate of descent is controlled through the gears being constantly engaged, the closure speed is approximately 100mm per second. The clutch can be reset and the door can be raised and lowered in a normal manner. Each motor incorporates a relay inhibitor to prevent the solenoid 'burning out' if the signal is still coming from the fire alarm.

For information on fire shutter automation please view the fire shutters page
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