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For the last 10 years we've been supplying and installing all types of garage doors - in fact we've installed over 5000 in the last 10 years..

wooden auto garage doors ExmouthWhen it comes to the type of garage door you would like, we offer manual and electric models in all styles. Choosing an operating mechanism that is suitable for your garage door is as important as selecting the right door panel design. We have put together on this page a short summary of each operating system available and you can also find out more about each type through the links above of by clicking for more information.

Don't worry if you're not sure what would be best for your home or business - we offer a free no obligation survey, which means you can discuss with one of our experience teams about what choices you can have. Call now to talk to one of our Garage Door Experts Exmouth 0800 0832590.

Find out more about Up and Over Garage doors

up and over iconUp and over doors are the most popular type of mechanism within the UK as often are the most economical type of garage door for homes. They come in a vast range of door styles from plain to heritage and ideal for garages where you are limited with headroom. Up & Over Garage doors are available with manual or automatic garage door opening. We have found over recent years that customers in Devon are having electric up and over garage doors installed creating easy access to your garage. All garage doors are available in a range of colours come in a range of materials.

What is an up and over garage door?Up and Over Steel Garage Doors
Up and Over Timber Garage Doors
Up and Over ABS Doors


Find out more about Side Hinged Garage doors

Side hinged garage door iconSide hinged doors offer a traditional appeal with simple access through both or a single side door opening. Side hinged garage doors are ideal if you have obstructions within the garage or restricted headroom. Side hinged doors are available in manual or automatic operation and come in steel or timber wood materials.


what is a side hinged garage door?Side Hinged Steel Garage Doors
Side Hinged Timber Garage Doors


Find out more about Roller Garage doors

What is a roller garage door?Roller garage doors open vertically into a compact roll above the front of the garage door opening. This popular operating system allows to you have maximum width and depth to your garage. You will only need between 205 mm - 300 mm height from top of your garage door to the ceiling to the garage to accommodate the roll, but this type of garage door is great if you regularly park your car in the garage. Roller Garage doors are also available insulated and single skinned as well as coming in a manual or automatic opening in a huge range of colours.


what is a Roller garage door?Roller Steel Garage Doors
Roller ABS Garage Doors


Find out more about Sectional Garage doors

sectional garage door iconSectional Garage Doors are made up of separate sections on the door. These have proven to be our "best garage door"  and have become one of our most popularity garage doors for customers in Exmouth. Why are sectional garages doors the best? Firstly they have a real impact to kerb appeal but more over with 2 opening options manual and automatic, huge range of styles and colours means they are suited to all types of properties. Sectional doors open similar to a roller, in which the sections roll above the opening or store in the roof space like and up and offer. Flexible opening and style of your garage means sectional doors has to become a really option for all.


what is a sectional garage door?Sectional Steel Garage Doors
Sectional Timber Garage Doors
Sectional ABS Doors

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