L Ribbed

42-mm-thick panels with PU foam infill are guided safely and precisely at the top by stable twin rollers and at the bottom in a rounded floor rail. The floor rail is easy to clean, as it is open on both ends.

Colour Options

Jet Black RAL9005 Terra brown 8028 new Clay brown 8003 new Ochre brown 8001 new Anthracite 7016 new Fir Green 6009 new Moss green 6005 new Ruby Red 3003 new Light Ivory 1015 neu
Jet Black Terra Brown Clay Brown Ochre Brown Anthracite Fir Green Moss Green Ruby Red Light Ivory
Traffic White 9016 new Window Grey 7040 new Light Grey 7035 new Stone grey 7030 new Dove Blue 5014 new Steel Blue 5011 new Sapphire blue 5003 new White Aluminium 9006 new  
Traffic White Window Grey Light Grey Stone Grey Dove Blue Steel Blue Sapphire Blue White

Steel Surface Options

Golden Oak Dark Oak Night Oak Rosewood2 Winchester Oak Titan Metalic
Golden Oak Dark Oak Night Oak Rosewood Winchester Oak Titan Metalic

Timber Options

Nordic Pine2

Nordic Pine Hemlock

Handle Options

HOE D27L8276 0309HOE Griff 1HOE Griff 2HOE Griff 2 gebrstetHOE Griff 3HOE Griff 3braunHOE Griff 7HOE Griff 4
BTOo637WBTOo638W gebueBTOo640WBTOo641WBTOo753W

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