Vertical Wind & Sun Screens

Wind Screensvertical wind awning

Wind Screen is a very beautiful and versatile product, ideal for managing light levels indoors and/or outdoors.

These screens allow plenty of light to enter but also ensure total privacy. They provide visual and thermal comfort at the same time as saving energy.

The zipped side closure in the fabrics ensures that it is very resistant to the wind.vertical screen 2

It features a total comfort as it is motorised. Besides the freedom of operate by remote control, it provides added convenience because the single unit allows you to raise or lower all the screens simultaneously whenever you want.

This is a cutting edge design solution capable of adapting to unique architectural requirements.

Vertical Window Awnings

Roll down screens are the perfect way to create the ideal amount of shade, privacy and protection from the elements, creating a comforting escape from the bright glare of the sun, wind and rain.

vertical winow awningOur vertical window awnings are ideal for shading windows, conservatories and glazed facades. They keeps rooms from overheating and create a perfect privacy screen during those warm summer nights where you want your windows open. They come in a variety of styles to suit your requirements, from vertical, angled drop arm, and a combination of both where it first descends vertically and then outwards at a desired pivot point.

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